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Goudy Titling ARLIER this year the P22 Type Foundry introduced the Lanston Type Company (LTC), P22 type foundry's newest division, with 32 remastered classic type faces as Lanston Collection B.

Lanston re-Masters Goudy & more...

The new Lanston releases feature re-mastered fonts of preeminent type designer Frederic Goudy including Californian, Village #2, Goudy Oldstyle Goudy Oldstyle Cursive, Goudy HeavyFace, Deedene Bold, and Goudy Initials. Also included are fonts designed by Sol Hess and Bruce Rogers.

Frederic Goudy was Art Director of Lanston Monotype Company from 1920-1947. He is credited for over 100 classic faces, 30 of which were designed for Lanston. Highlights for Lanston Collection B are the striking roman faces, LTC Californian and LTC Village #2.

LTC Californian was newly digitized using the original patterns from which the metal type was made as direct reference. These artifacts are the last known surviving patterns made by Frederic Goudy. Californian was originally made for the University of California at Berkeley. This digitization remains as true as possible to the original design.

Lanston's Village #2 is another authentic digital version of this much loved Goudy typeface. Originally digitized in 1987, the Lanston Type Library's source for its production were lightly inked proofs of the brass patterns. These are the same master patterns that were used to cut the Lanston Monotype¨ Machine Companies composition punches on the Benton Pantograph. It exudes warmth and charm of the period and is a must for any book typographer. Special features in the remastered OpenType versions of Village #2 and Goudy Oldstyle include the option for two different lengths of descenders as originally offered by Lanston in metal in the 1920s.

Goudy Initials (also known as Cloister initials) were originally offered in digital form by Lanston as single EPS files due to their complex designs. The new version combines all 26 embellished capitals optimized as a single font.

Other fonts in Collection B include LTC Octic Gothic, a quaint yet contemporary geometric font, LTC Swing Bold, (Looking very much like Kauffman!) LTC Jefferson Gothic, LTC Fleurons Rogers and 2 other sets of LTC ornaments which evoke the period of the early 20th century. In all, Lanston Collection B contains 12 Titles in 32 styles + 12 OpenType fonts. The fonts can be purchased separately or in one collection (B).

If the latest font releases from P22 excite you, you might want to take a look at the new Lanston t-shirt unveiled at Typecon in New York City. The shirt features Goudy Heavyface on the front and a Monotype font matrix case on the back. Don't miss it.

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