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letterheadsAt some point in history lettering artists and sign painters coined the name "Letterheads" to stand for anyone who was involved in the lettering business and who simply loved what could be done with type, typography, lettering and a good Langnickle lettering quill. Thanks to Chuck Davis and all the folks at Letterheads.com, there's a wonderful site for anyone who wishes to get a real thrill from lettering and typography.


Letterheads features retro-style fonts, affordable, some free If you would like to try some of their fonts go ahead and open the Font Tester. There you can try any of their fonts just by typing in your headline. Sample the type on the side of a van for your next vehicle marking project. It's really the most fun font tester on the web!. Their Downloads page is NOT to be missed!

If I started talking about all my favorites, it would take a dozen web pages... in fact I don't have a favorite -- I LOVE them all! And, you can see most of them at the Letterheads GALLERY where you can feast your eyes on such samples as Colorado Coins by Mike Erickson using the Esoteric 3 font, or take a hop over to "Stephani's" by Dave McDonald which makes superb use of the Tyler Font.

If learning how to do all this cool stuff appeals to you then you won't want to miss the Letterheads Tips and tutorials site. Here, you'll find some of the best in the Biz like Tom Kennedy showing off his Old Style Cloud Effects. (How to get those cloud effects that were a popular design element in the late 1800's and early 1900's.) And, don't miss Chuck Davis's own "Truckstyle Chrome" tutorial for real chrome effects using the Boston Truckstyle font. (Click here to go to the tutorial.)

It's all going on right now at LetterHead Fonts... enjoy! Now... let's go and visit the

CHANK Fonts Foundry

CHANK Chank Fonts is one of the truly fun fonts sites on the web -- part of the Chank Company, a Minneapolis-based, full-service design firm, specializing in fonts. Mister Chank Diesel, president and CEO, began making fonts in 1992 when he worked as creative director of the alternative music magazine, Cake. The first font he created, Mister Frisky, remains his most popular.

Enjoy one of Chank's newest additions the BLINCtype Letterpress fontpak. (Pop-up this short animation!) Add some old fashioned charm to your designs with the distressed, letterpress-inspired fonts. Be sure to see Chank's Free Font Archive , a world-class collection of fun original freefonts by designers from all over the world in both Mac and PC formats. Try "Pooler" by students & faculty of Savannah College of Art & Design; or take a look at "Westsac" by Sacramento Fontmaking Workshop Participants a Chank hosted fontmaking workshop in 2003.

All in all, you won't be disappointed with the wonderful collections of fonts treats found at Chank Fonts! Let us know your favorite!

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