P22 respecting traditional typography values with today technology

by Fred Showker

20th Annual Fonts Fest

P22 innovating We've been friends with Jimy Chambers and the P22 fonts foundry for nearly 20 years! We've discussed article ideas, looked at antique fonts, and exchanged countless emails. I've got P22 coffee mugs, playing cards, and about everything except that darn Typographic Notebook! We've respected P22's loyalties to the traditional typographical values with uncompromising quality in fonts. They've rescued wood fonts, and old foundries. They've done it all. Believe it or not, they have yet to buy the first ad in the Design Center! But that's okay. We all know they're probably the most honorable foundry on the planet. Here's some new stuff for 2014/15, and our 20th Annual Fonts Fest . . .

Illuminated Initial Caps never go out of style

Illuminated Initial Caps never go out of style

Once upon a time, we told you about "Burton" illuminated initial cap font. It was free and the Publishers' Warehouse had several hundred thousand downloads. It was very similar to P22's new "Goudy Initials" font you may want to check out
      Goudy Initials has been a best-seller since it was reformatted to font format by P22 in 2005. This new digital version features two additional layers to allow for quick colorizing of the central Letter and/or the floriated background.
cyber security, cyber war and homeland security Full story : Goudy Initials :: a commercial font at P22
2014 ... related image Here's another angle: screen shot

Pretty Amelia Jayne

Pretty Amelia Jayn

Following the Goudy, another old style font that includes illuminated caps is Amelia Jayne
      P22 presents Ted Staunton's updated revision and expansion of his own Amelia decorative cap font. Amelia Jayne started as a Roman font to accompany the Amelia initials but has taken on a new life as a Pro Roman font with small caps and several variations of new matching initial companion fonts.
cyber security, cyber war and homeland security Full story : Ted Staunton at P22
2014 ... related image Here's another angle: screen shot

Erik Spiekermann : HWT Artz

Erik Spiekermann : HWT Artz

HWT Artz evokes bold early 20th century European poster lettering. The design itself is intended to minimize hand-finishing and thus production time with rounded corners rather than sharp interior corners that would normally have to be hand-finished.
      HWT Artz is the newest wood type to be cut at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. It was designed by venerable type designer Erik Spiekermann for his own print studio (P98a in Berlin), specifically to be cut into large size wood type.
cyber security, cyber war and homeland security Full story : Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum
2014 ... related image Here's another angle: screen shot

Gift Idea : P22 Typographic Notebooks


The P22 Typographic Miscellany is part passport, part notebook, part typographic reference book, and pretty cool.
      This booklet was as a collaborative effort of P22 Type Foundry, Appleton Papers, Petit Printing, Quality Bindery and Graphcon Finishing. 3 different color covers (Curious Metallic) with gold foil embossing all contain the same inside contents featuring 48 pages of cool, essential information.
cyber security, cyber war and homeland security Full story : P22 Typographic Notebooks
2014 ... related image Click for a real enlargement

We'll be back in October with more from P22 ... stay tuned!

Oh and by the way. The "Burton" illuminated initial cap font is still free, and still available for download in the Publishers' Warehouse . . . as are several hundred other free fonts and font related goodies.

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