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The Distress filter does what it says, and can produce hundreds of effects depending on the image. Using it for type generates very different results than, say a photo. Lots of fun here. Another nifty filter for use with type is the Shatter filter. But don’t think it’s just for type. You can make the Shard size and Displacement settings so drastic that any photo or image is actually shattered into pieces... much like broken glass.

Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center

One of the filters in Xenofex is the “Stamper” filter. It’s not illustrated here because we’re still learning its awesome powers. The Stamper takes a small image (the ‘stamp’) and fills an image with duplicates of the stamp. Amazingly, the resulting image is ‘halftoned’ using the stamp as the dot. It’ll take some more work to fully illustrate this filter -- requiring a separate article!

Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center Puzzle is one of our favorites, and eliminates maybe two dozen individual steps in generating a cut-puzzle image. Xenofex allows you to set the frequencies, depth of bevel, and will generate a super realistic puzzle. This one answers the cries of many readers over the years, and alone can pay back the price of the program!

Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center Roundded Rectangle, is another favorite. Did you ever try to accomplish this effect in Photoshop? Sure, you can do it, with some help from Illustrator or Freehand -- but very difficult within Photoshop.
. . . Note that it all starts by a mere selection. No image required. By simply modifying the corner radius, you can also generate rings, donuts. or even a chain.
You can not only set thickness and corner radius, but surface treatments and light source as well. There’s also a color selector that lets you select the color. This answers many users’ dreams alone.

Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center Television offers some unique opportunities from very subtle to extreme, like our sample here. This one’s probably one of the more complicated ones, offering seven different areas of modification including scaneline strength and thickness to the amount of static and ‘ghost’ offset.

Need a video capture effect? This is it!

We haven’t talked about “Little Fluffy Clouds”, or “Stain” -- both of which could fill a separate article. Xenofex 1.0, from Alien Skin is an outstanding product, and deserves our highest rankings. We’re calling it the “BEST Photoshop Product for 1998" ... and it will be interesting to see if anyone else comes close in 1999!
. . . You can download a free demo of Xenofex at the Alien Skin website:, but you may as well go ahead and purchase it there anyway. You’ll want the book, and it’ll save you a trip back later!

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