Photoshop Tutorial Pages in 2003

Fred Showker

This page was first posted on January 20, 2003, and it did have close to 20 excellent web sites and tutorials for Photoshop and graphic designers. Unfortunately all but the ones below have gone dark, or gone to spam sites. Jay Arraich's Photoshop Tips page has gone dim, and is now a phishing online scam site, and "The Photoshop Crash Course" site, originally at Hotwired/Lycos is now an online affiliate page stalker site. Unfortunately most all of the self proclaimed "experts" out there fade or drift away never to be seen again.

These tutorials are still valid for the versions they support . . . some of the art is actually very good.

  1. Training Tools: Online Training
    In the Photoshop Learning 6.0 web site there was a great deal of information that was very clear and straight forward. The section that I chose to read was about showing you how to use the Liquify Function and how to Group†Layer Conten. It also talked about a list of tools like the warp tool, the freeze tool and many more. What I liked the most about the tutorial was each item talked about they showed a picture example showing the steps and results visually. This made it very easy to understand and want to use this site for more questions I have about Photoshop. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: This link was submitted by: Hickman, posted on 1/20/2003
  2. The Stablegirl's Lair
    Not knowing where to start since the graphic design world is entirely new to me, I decided to learn how to make animals from geometric shapes using Photoshop. From the homepage of, I chose Diagrams which then linked me to Graphics Demonstrations. From there I chose Example Three: Using Photoshop tools to make sketches. I think I underestimated the ability of Photoshop and its tools once I realized just how much I could do with it. After reading through the step-by-step lesson from 1 -7, the Marquee tool seemed to be most prevalent in this process. I learned that this tool could be used to outline any shape by first drawing a marquee around it, and then hitting the right arrow key once followed by hitting the left arrow key once -"This makes the marquee collapse around the image." I found this tool to be very helpful because knowing the person I am I would have spent hours trying to perfectly outline a shape when all I have to do is a little "finger dance"! Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Melissa A. Bradshaw. This link was submitted by: Wolfe, posted on 1/20/2003
  3. Recent Photoshop Tutorials
    This is a useful site for discovering beginner photoshop tools. It demonstrates how to quickly restore blemished images in three simple steps. The site also demonstrates how to build a media brush by selecting a brush tip, fading the size of the brush, and adding scattering to the brush. Skills involving vector shapes and banners can also be learned. Finally, optimization is explained by teaching the reader to create a slice, select the slice, and apply the weighted optimization. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Adobe. This link was submitted by: George, posted on 1/20/2003
  4. Web Developer's Virtual Library
    This site is a very helpful tutorial that encompasses some of the most basic functions of Adobe Photoshop. The page that I looked at most specifically had to do with the "Tool Box" as it was called. They described each tool, what its function was, and how to use it. Other pages had to do with resizing, function "history," and so on. The tutorial was divided into three days. I found this site to be extremely helpful in not only Photoshop, but in other avenues of design, such as basic Web design. Departments/Topics: Pull Down to select . . . and -- Site content author: Linda Cole is the site manager, but the site owner's name could not be found. Jupitermedia Corporation holds the copyrights.. This link was submitted by: Hensley, posted on 1/20/2003

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Fred Showker

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