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Image to Surface Shape in Photoshop

A game of Photoshop Tennis prompts a tutorial on how it was done...

Tennis Several people in the Design Cafe asked about the steps I took in creating my latest "volley" in the Design Cafe Photoshop Tennis games. The approach seemed fairly simple to me, so I don't mind knocking out a quick tutorial.

The last volley from Sandy introduced a butterfly and numerous other "decorations" into the image that had already passed through several hands from the original "Punch" image posted by Chris. It seemed to be getting a little busy, so it occurred to me that a little shake-up was in order. I had intended to put the image into a TV screen at first, but then I found this wonderful image on the fantastic Rubber Ball images CD. It would be perfect.

Start with the returned volley

I wanted to keep the very same file size, so the first step would be to duplicate the original image layer to work on.

Now I would need the Rubber Ball image. In their CD you'll see they've kindly provided us with a ready-made clipping path to cut the guy out. (Actually there are two, one loose and one tight -- I selected the tight one.) A quick check of file sizes and resolution indicated I would need to switch the "Guy" picture from 300ppi to 72ppi, and then re-size the file to the size I needed for the volley.

I used Image > Image Size to change resolution and rescale the image to a size close to the target size. Final sizing would be done later. Since the image was so large, it required two 75% reductions... with a sharpen between each.

First Image

Bullet Command/click (ctrl/click) the Path in the paths palette to select the outline,
Bullet Select the Move tool (Tap "V") and
Bullet Drag the image into the work file.

Once the image was on its new layer in the work file, I could hit Command/T (ctrl/t) to activate the Transformation handles. Using the corner handle
Bullet Shift/click/drag to scale the photo into position.

In Position

Now I would create the book he would be holding.

I'm not good enough to rough this the first time using the original image -- didn't want to screw it up -- so first I roughed in a book shape to use as my distortion guide.

Let's continue and create a Guide for the Book Shape...

Please note that all images created in Photoshop Tennis are the exclusive property of the artists, ©2006, All Rights Reserved. If you wish to participate in Photoshop Tennis, you must be a member and subscriber to the Design Cafe. This tutorial is the exclusive property of Fred Showker, ©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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