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Image to Surface Shape in Photoshop

Now we'll build a template for the surface of the book...

To make it easier to position the art into the shape of a book, we'll quickly draw a template to use as a guide...
Bullet New Layer, select color
Bullet Select Lasso Tool, (Tap "L") and with the Option key (alt) use the "connect the dots" technique to click in the four corners of the book cover, and then
BulletOption/delete (alt/delete) to fill the shape.

Lasso Tool draws the Guide

Bullet Select Move tool (Tap "V") and with the Option (alt) key held down,
Bullet click and drag a copy.
Bullet Select: Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal to generate the other cover.

Make a duplicate of the cover

These don't have to be perfect. Like I said, it's all adjustable -- these only get me into the ball park. I did realize at this point that the book would be too small to give credit to Sandy's volley. I would need to make it bigger.

Bullet Select Move tool (Tap "V")
Bullet Command/clicked (ctrl/click) the "book" layer to select all pixels
Bullet Command/T (ctrl/t) to activate the Transformation handles.

Drag a corner with the Shift key (constrain aspect ratio) to enlarge the book slightly.

Enlarge the book

Now with the template in place, we're ready for the fun part...

NEXT: Build the book cover...

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