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In 1990, I had the great pleasure of introducing Russell Brown and a new software package from Adobe to several hundred attendees of my Great Graphics Tips session at Macworld. Photoshop Tips & Tricks has been part of DT&G ever since.

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February Photoshop Madness

MadnessA great month for Photoshop tips, tricks, tutorials, antics... and more! * Harry Potter Style Special Effects * General Photo Composition * Liquify Filter Warp Tool * Tutorial Junkies "Become and Alien" tutorial * Curled Corner Tutorial * Psychology of Color * Photoshop CS2 Smart Objects * Ring of Fire effect * Sharpening Photos Smartly... and we revisit a Feathering article. But seriously folks... it's true Photoshop Madness

Convert a Photo to a Pencil Sketch2005 BEST

MadnessOne of our most frequently asked questions is how to convert a photo to a pencil sketch or drawing... to the rescue comes Tim Shelbourne who shares a full pictorial tutorial from his Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook! This is the best tutorial online for learning how to Convert a Photo to a Pencil Sketch

January Photoshop Madness

MadnessOkay, I'll try to refrain from the negative with only positive links. In all the madness it's very difficult. This month get a Creative Shot-in-the-arm * Snow, Santa retouching, and paper for the Holidays * Robin Klein's extraordinary vision *'s superb tutorials * Deke Duz Image Wrapping * Matrix Wallpaper * Skin Retouching * Bruce Fraser color terminology... and more Photoshop Madness

October Photoshop Madness

PhotoshopThis month's Photoshop Madness column includes * Apology for comments last month... Convert color into grayscale * Surreal Sports * Watermark Action * Getting Good Prints * Creating Flexible Documents in Photoshop CS2 * Deke Duz Vanishing Point Tool * Replacing Objects and Filtering * Assembling Panoramic Photos * Photoshop Metal Madness and Gradient Blur Plug-Ins * Oh Pleeeze, Photoshop Me ... and others in this month's Photoshop Madness

September Photoshop Madness

photoshop madnessThis month's Photoshop Madness column includes * Photoshop Alzheimers - yes, it can afflict software too * Articles: Adobe Bridge & Camera Raw * Beauty Retouching in Photoshop * Tutorials: Change the Color of a Sunset * Hand Tinting * Several excellent PDF downloads for Photoshop users * Duotones Revisited * CS2 Up to Speed ... and others. Photoshop Madness

Ten things to do with Photoshop CS2

Shaun Pearce ...that you couldn't do before! Yes, CS2 is a major upgrade and Shaun Pearce is back with another of his top ten lists -- this time Ten things you can do with Photoshop, but couldn't do before!

Eye Candy 5: Nature & IMPACT

alien_skin New Photoshop plug-in. Eye Candy 5: IMPACT includes 10 filters that give you seriously the IMPACT you need... chrome, bevels, glass buttons, extruded objects, Zoomed & Backlighting, perspective shadows and more. You really should check this out... Eye Candy 5: IMPACT

Upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CS2?

George EngelMacintosh computer authority and writer George Engel takes a look at the latest Photoshop upgrade from Adobe... after a bit of trouble, sez: "What a great adventure this is, and an affordable and very worthwhile upgrade." Photoshop CS2

July Photoshop Madness

Since so much is going on in the Photoshop world we're going to start a potpourri column that will cover a broad array of "stuff" we know you'll like -- including our Photoshop Pro of the month Jarvis Grant from the Washington, DC area, along with free filters, brushes, layer styles, tutorials and a lot more... it's simply Photoshop Madness

Guest Tutorial for Photoshop

Our guest tutorial this month features an easy Photoshop step-by-step for converting color images to good black and white images, called: "Making Black/White in Photoshop" sent in by Richard Schneider.

Adobe CS2: Sharing Palettes

if you're wondering "How can I use colors in a stock photo as a shared palette across Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications?" here's good news -- the Adobe Expert Support staff shows you how to Share Color Palettes Between CS2 Programs

Carving and Debossing in Photoshop & Elements

debossing In this Photoshop 911 seminar we answer a reader's question on how to carve images out of a background. It's called "debossing" -- but we'll show you some other valuable layers and filters tricks too, as we... Carve an Image into the Background using Photoshop

Photoshop Cut-Outs

CutoutsThis reader requested a tutorial on cutting a logo out of a piece of fabric using Photoshop version 6 under OS 9.1 on a Mac. The screens may look different, but the technique is virtually exactly the same no matter what version or system you use to ... Cut a logo out of the Background

Photoshop & Elements for Sepia Prints

PSESepia In this Photoshop Elements seminar we answer a reader's question on how to achieve the warm sepia tone look of old-time photos. We'll dispel a few rumors about sepia tones, and provide some tips for Photoshop and Photoshop CS users as well. See: Sepia Tone Photographs

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