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"the image doctor
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Once again our good friends at Alien Skin have completely blown the bottom out of the image retouching field with their unbelievable "Image Doctor" package.

Now, all those folks who have been writing and kissing up to Adobe for their new retouching tools (Scott, you can stop wetting yourself over the healing brush now!) have I got news for you -- the Image Doctor is in.

The Image Doctor takes the seemingly impossible and makes it possible in a click or two. Forget the healing brush. Forget the cloning tool for that matter. With the Image Doctor you've got some powers unheard of until now.

Let's say you've got some grass but someone threw a bottle into the shot. You can't go back and shoot again -- but you can call the image Doctor and say "Just Remove the Bottle Please."

Presto, it's gone. This is blowing me away.

This new plug-in filter set for photo retouching and restoration works easily in Photoshop®, Fireworks®, Paint Shop Pro®, and other image editors. Image Doctor removes blemishes and defects, quickly repairs over-compressed JPEGs, and seamlessly replaces unwanted details and objects in photographs. Anyone, novice or expert, can quickly restore and retouch their photos using Image Doctor. Smart Fill can remove signs and trash from landscapes, unwanted tourists from vacation snapshots, and uninvited guests from party photos, leaving no seams.

Bring'em back to life
Only Image Doctor offers selection-based image repair. Because of the intelligent pattern matching of Image Doctor, retouchers can use the familiar selection tools of their image editor to correct imperfections in one pass. This makes Image Doctor the perfect complement to existing photo-editing tools. Anyone that needs to remove or replace unwanted photographic details will find Image Doctor indispensable. Smart Fill creates bleeds around artwork. Photo Editors can de-clutter bad photographic compositions with just a few clicks. Web designers can restore and repurpose badly compressed JPEGs. Portrait photographers can use Spot Lifter as digital makeup, removing unsightly zits and blemishes in one click. Image Doctor is a Swiss Army knife for digital photo retouching.

Image makers:
Scratch Remover mends small defects and removes unwanted background details. Simplifying photo restoration, Scratch Remover can repair scratches, folds, creases, and wrinkles. Microphones, telephone poles, and text can be eliminated cleanly and quickly from photos, also.

Web developers:
JPEG Repair revitalizes over-compressed JPEGs. Users can remove blocky compression artifacts while retaining detail and adding grain. Repairs can be made to an entire image or as needed to smaller selections. JPEG repair can be used to repurpose Web graphics and replace lost originals.

Call the Image Doctor
Image Doctor delivers these effects in a clean, easy-to-use interface. Users can tweak their effects in a huge preview that includes a before/after toggle, command menus, keyboard shortcuts, and unlimited undo capability. (No more squinting at tiny "preview" windows the size of a postage stamp!) Image Doctor offers the ability to switch between filters in the preview window and unlimited undo capability. Image Doctor is available for both Windows and Macintosh, including OS X, at an estimated street price of $129. Registered users of other Alien Skin products will receive discount pricing when ordering directly from Alien Skin Software.

If you've got any doubts at all, check out their 30-day demo, and online tutorials. Tell them Fred at DT&G sent you. <grin>

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