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[Editor's Note: This is a frequent request from readers of Photoshop 911 -- in the past we've recommended Andromeda's "Etching" filters, which are very good, but very expensive. Now Alpha offers the same kinds of filters at a much more affordable cost.]

Engraver plugin for PhotoshopEngraver Plug-in

Reviewed by Svetlana Chernousova

Engraver is a very useful Photoshop-compatible plug-in, which allows to turn the source picture into an ancient engraving, lithograph, pencil sketch, etc. You are able to get really stylish and professionally made masterpieces in a very simple way and without taking much pains. This product can become very useful to computer artists, designers and those people, who want to create the real computer art masterpieces.

Engraver allows to turn the source picture into a graphical image consisting of lines and hatches of various width and curvature. Those can be either straight lines, or waves, or different types of concentric circles and spirals. What is more, you can also present the source photo in the form of a set of dots or circles of various sizes. In that way the picture will be styled after a newspaper print or an original clich´┐Ż for the offset printing.


Engraver not only can create the black-and-white engravings. You can choose one from the several possible colour scheme variants. When setting up the parameters for this module you are able to change the graphical result you get greatly. This feature allows you to entertain manifold possibilities in your oeuvre.

Engraver possesses a very simple and intuitively understandable user interface. Thanks to that it is a pleasure to work with the product. Nothing distracts you from the creative process, and you can concentrate all your forces and attention on the work. For your convenience the package includes a great number of the previously saved parameters (presets), so that you can use them to increase the speed of your work.

Engraver is a commercial product. Despite the pleasantly low price it is a very professional product. You will get the manufacturer's technical support as well as various sets of Photoshop actions, documents, lessons, etc. Engraver newest version offers Mac and Win versions.

Svetlana Chernousova

Engraver from Alpha Plugins

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* Price is US $20.
* Reviewed by Svetlana Chernousova
* Topic = Image Processing: graphics, illustration, photography

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