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Photoshop Elements 5

Photoshop Elements gets 100 new tools!

Okay, I knew that would get your attention... actually it's version #4, but when you add Richard Lynch's new "Hidden Elements" then PS Elements naturally gets an upgrade. What's best about this upgrade is that it's only 19-bucks, and you don't have to worry about a whole new installation and registration -- Rich just loads it on!

I've been having a good time playing with this new version of Adobe's Photoshop Elements 4 and it's got a few new items for everyone to enjoy. In fact, Photoshop Elements continues to provide even Photoshop users with amazing capability at a very reasonable price. In fact, all the graphics updated for this month's DTG were done in PSE 4.

First off, the File Browser you've become accustomed to is now Adobe Bridge -- the same as in Photoshop! Now, this is not one of my favorite features, but all the other gurus seem to be wetting themselves over it, so I thought I'd mention it. Very nice however is the slideshow and filmstrip capability -- view your pictures in full screen slide mode. If you've selected photos from different places, you can use the "Save as Collection" button and now the search is instantly recallable. Nice.

The next major tool is the "Skin Tone" adjustment feature. Skin tone problems is one of the most frequently found problems in Photoshop 911, so now, you'll find an "adjust color for skin tone" right there under the ENHANCE Menu > "Adjust Color" pull-out.

Two other nice tools are the "Magic Selection Brush" tool (allows you to select a single item or a group of items in the image, then act on them alone,) and the "Magic Extractor" tool that grabs an object in your photo and pops it on a new background.

If you haven't gotten it yet, coverPhotoshop Elements 4 for Mac, or Photoshop Elements 4 for Windows can be had for under 100-bucks, and previous owners can upgrade for $69.99, or less if you find one of those piggy-back deals that are plentiful on the web.

Most everything else is basically the same with a few new menu items or keystrokes here and there. The big news is the latest

100 tools for Elements

The new Hidden Power book for Elements has been re-worked from beginning to end to add about 150 pages of new material, and focus exclusively on advanced image editing techniques for Elements users. The book includes a CD that has the 100 tools from the Hidden Power set that can save you 100 steps at a click. The book organization has been overhauled to reflect the elements workflow so you can follow along to take an image from RAW to finished. The book is longer, contains more tools, and the price has dropped more than $10. Get it for only $19.99 on Amazon
But there's more... cover

A new Hidden Power toolset has been released for Elements 4 that has 100 tools for Elements users. These tools include: Curves, Color Balance, Guides, Channel Mixer, Noise Reduction, RGB Channels, CMYK Channels, Luminosity and Color Separation, Snapshots, Vertical/Horizontal Alignment, Blend Mask, Highlight/Shadow mask, Custom Paths, True Duotones and more. You get the tools with the book, or you can purchase them separately for just $14.99: Learn more.

A new Hidden Power class on The Photoshop Elements Workflow is offered from I (Richard Lynch) will be teaching the class. Participants will get individual attention. The class is designed to help users learn the whole process of working with images from camera to print in 8 weeks. The course includes looking at calibration, color management, color correction, damage correction, composition, purposing, getting a great image, and, finally, adopting a process that will help you determine workflow and get the best results every time. Seating for the class is very limited. sign up here.
Yes, there's more...

Hidden Power Elements newsletterHidden Power has also released a new (Volume 15), a new 100 tool Power Tools set (for Mac and PC), a new Hidden Power book for Elements 4 (also Mac and PC), and a new 8-week internet class on the Elements Workflow. What is it?

The Hidden Power Newsletter is a free newsletter for anyone that wants to visit the website--you can subscribe for free as well. The current issue covers topics ranging from Curves for Elements 4, to Buying an Image Editing Computer, Buying a digital Camera, working with color management, working in 16-bit, and much more! See:

All in all, it adds up to some pretty high-powered capabilities at a fraction of what the alternative is.

If you'd like to know how to do something in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, just ask. And, don't forget to visit the Adobe Photoshop Elements User Group web site and Photoshop Elements discussion forums.


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