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Cut out the "Burned Hole

Remember, you saved that selection before? Well, it's time to use it again.

We'll recall our selection to go ahead and cut the hole out.


At the bottom of the "Select" menu you'll find the "Load Selection" command. This will recall the original hole selection.

Once you select that menu item, make sure you select the "Saved" selection -- Okay -- racing ants will appear again. Notice the selection is well within the blurred edges we created with the Gaussian blur, due to the "Expand" step we took earlier.

With Ants racing, simply hit the Delete key to reveal the image below.

Finished Hole

For added realism there are a number of things we can do.

Most certainly, there will be a very subtle, slight, edge to our hole. that will be easy to make. If you want the "Color Layer" material to look thicker, you'll want two edges: one black for the shadow, and one white for the lighted edge of the hole.

making edges

For this, we'll need another layer.
As you see our new layer is called "Layer 1"
Fill that entire layer with black. (Option/Delete or Alt/Delete)

Then you'll need to reload that selection again. You remember how, right?
Choose Select > Load Selection

Once the racing Ants appear, simply Delete again.
Now you have a duplicate hole in an all-black layer.

Get the "Move" tool (Tap: "V:) and
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard, to "nudge" the layer down and to one side a pixel at a time. Move it only about one or two pixels so it will look convincing. See the thin "shadow" above?


This finishes the effect.
I added a bit of the Texturizer texture to the charred edges so they would contour along with the textured background.

You could get a lot more complicated. For instance, you could add a lower edge -- catching a highlight -- simply by the same layer-with-hole seen above -- except use a light color instead of black, and tapping up on the arrow keys to raise it from the bottom where the highlights would be -- or, you could fold some of the ragged edges back and generate yet more shadows -- and on and on.

But through these ten simple steps, you've learned a lot about using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to create the effect of a burned hole.

Thanks for reading

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