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Path styles quick change artist

Remember now... same path, same font, etc. I click the "Blue stripes / metal edge" preset. Presto. But that edging is a little rude for that cool interior. We'll make it thinner... change the color to brown... change the texture surface to something else... and presto -- WOOD! Still not excited?

The software makes the creation of styled titles and headings even faster and easier by adding an Automate command to quickly turn any type layer into a Path Styler Pro effect. There's also a "SAVE" button so you can save your hard-earned style to it's own preset. But that's STILL not all ...

Also included with Path Styler Pro for Photoshop is Fill Styler, an additional filter that uses the powerful rendering capabilities of Path Styler Pro to create backgrounds, image effects and seamlessly tileable textures. Both Path Styler Pro and Fill Styler can be applied to 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. And, while Path Styler Pro was already a re-editable filter in Photoshop CS and CS2, in Photoshop CS3, both Path Styler Pro and Fill Styler can now be used as nondestructive Smart Filters as well. There isn't enough room here for me to go into Fill Styler!

Go shopping for look and feel ...

Perhaps you're not really sure what kind of effect you're looking for. Since this filter is vector-based, it's blazing fast. That's one of the drawbacks of other similar filters that work only on raster images -- they sometimes take all of lunch time before you can see the results. Not with Path Styler Pro! When you click, you get results NOW.

Looking for something simple? Open this sampler. It's got simple. But if that doesn't smell bad enough yet, how about FISH? Each of these was a click away. But if your tastes move into the truly illustrated, WOW factor, try this sampler! You've got everything from snakes to bricks to camouflage! Why, there's even PRISON, complete with stones and steel mesh bars!

Keep in mind, these are only eight of literally dozens and dozens of presets -- each with hundreds of possible modifications and colors. Thousands... millions.

Path Styler Pro brings 3D rendering effects to Illustrator as an editable live effect plug-in that can be directly applied to path and text objects. With the introduction of deviceN raster images in Illustrator CS3, Path Styler Pro can now preserve spot colors and create high-quality beveled images that are rendered with a spot color and black shading.

Path Styler Pro is available separately for Photoshop and Illustrator for US $99. At a special price of US $129, a Path Styler Pro bundle is available that contains both the Photoshop and the Illustrator version of Path Styler Pro. Path Styler Pro works with CS, CS2 and CS3 running Mac OS X or Windows. Products are delivered online and can be purchased directly from the Shinycore website.
More information, examples, and free trial versions can be found online at

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