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Padding Press for the rest of us

Andre builds the "mini" padding press

Last month's "Mailbag" item about building a padding press brought a number of emails all asking where to get the info. Several, in fact, asked if I would build the padding press. One such letter reads...

  >   "I don't have 'handyman' skills nor the tools,
  >   will you build the padding press for me?

I answered "NO" but that brought this response from another reader,
Andre Picotte, Rensselaer, NY, USA...

  >   About the inquiry to build the padding press...
  >   I have revised the design to accommodate pads up to
  >   5-1/2 inches in width (mini padding press) and
  >   have incorporated the use of fast grip clamps.
  >   We have started to make these, and now have them
  >   available on ebay in kit form and also totally
  >   assembeled and painted.

I followed up with Andre to see if he would like to share his project with all DTG readers, and perhaps help them out. He said yes!

We love this kind of response to articles in DTG -- where one person gets an idea and expands the idea with improvements, and then turns it into the potential of a boot-strap business.

The Mini Padding Press

Andre explains...

After building my first padding press, I felt the size made it too awkward to handle. Since the majority of my pads were only 5.5 inches wide, I decided to build what I refer to as a mini padding press.

Mini Padding PressPaying special attention to the materials I used, I was able to keep the weight of the press down so it could be picked up with one hand. This has made it a convenient item to have around the office. When it is not in use, it is easily stored on a shelf or in a cabinet.

Another nice improvement was the incorporation of quick grip clamps; these really streamlined the clamping process. I now find myself producing pads in no time with little or no effort.

Realizing not everyone has a woodshop in their basement; I thought it might be worth while to build these for other people. Being a fan of eBay, I have posted the mini padding press on their auction site.

For those who enjoy building things, I also have a kit version available. Aside from the time it takes to sand and paint, you can assemble a kit in less than fifteen minutes. The only tools needed are a hammer and a screwdriver. [END QUOTE]

So there you have it folks! If any of you have wanted to make your own promotional scratch pads on demand, but felt you didn't want to buy one of the expensive commercial presses -- but couldn't really build your own -- here's the solution

You can purchase Andre's excellent Mini Pad Press at this eBay auction for just $69.95 plus shipping. Andre even throws in a pad-making supply kit complete with padding glue and enough padding boards to get you started on your first 24 pads!

JiffyTo give you some perspective on buying padding presses, you can pick up the Jiffy Padding Press (at right) from Office Zone for $156, and it's not nearly as nice as Andre's. Another from Office Zone is the "Super Mini Pad" but it will cost you around $130.

In writing this article, we also ran across an auction for "plans" for a padding press. Since we couldn't seen the plans in photos... nor the press, I'm wondering where the plans actually came from -- because you can download my plans for free in the Publishers' Warehouse!

But hey... why go to the bother of building your own, when you can purchase Andre's excellent Mini Pad Press at such a modest price! Something to think about. See Andre's Mini Padding Press and decide for yourself.

Thanks for reading...
Fred Showker

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