DTG News for June 2012

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 22, #6 ~ June, 2012

  1. JUNE: Design Vacation
  2. Ethics in Digital Photography
  3. Creating an Out of Bounds Photo in Photoshop
  4. A flood of Out-of-Bounds digital creations
  5. More great color resources and apps
  6. Using ICC Profiles in Adobe Photoshop CS5
  7. Why You Need an Adaptive Website
  8. Facebook Advertising: Should you bother?
  9. Evolving Artist(ry): One Man, One Tool
  10. Publishing Update : Revenue, trends, tweaks and peeks
  11. Web Design updates
  12. The Creative
  13. Art Nouveau Revisited
  14. Stop Facebook from using YOUR pictures
  15. Cookies: Will New Regulations Leave a Bitter Taste?
  16. Design Graduates Speak Up...
  17. Getting Ready for July "Photographic Design"

JUNE: Design Vacation

It's June, and in many places, people will be planning or embarking on summer vacations! When the designer goes on vacation, all design problems may be left behind at the office or studio -- or, perhaps a little bit of the studio will come along. So, this issue we're asking readers to send their best or favorite photo -- taken on vacation, or during June.

Ethics in Digital Photography

As new, up-and-coming designers and photographers hit the streets in search of the perfect photo -- we want to remember the responsibility each of us has in practicing ethics in photography. This piece covers the ethics and provides a huge list of digital ethics links.

Creating an Out of Bounds Photo in Photoshop

History repeats itself. A painting or photo within another has always been a popular subject with photographers, graphic artists and Photoshop artists. The "out of bounds" or "break-out" image is also one that should be tried by all Photoshop users, sooner or later.

A flood of Out-of-Bounds digital creations

As we said above, we've had a number of articles on Out-of-Bounds digital creations. At one point we invited readers to send in their creations or ones they've found. Well, this month the Publishers' Warehouse folks have spruced up and re-posted that whopping library of digital manipulations. They're all at the Loading Dock. They're all at the Loading Dock.

More great color resources and apps

What's your favorite color? What color is your car? Do you dream in color? Consciously and subconsciously, colors speak to our brains. But what are they saying? We continue our May quest for color with this next edition of Color Madness

Using ICC Profiles in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Say you have a gorgeous image in Photoshop. How likely is your printer to give you a result exactly like what you see onscreen? Rafael Concepcion explains how to use printer profiles to tell Photoshop the settings you need for the printer and paper you're using, so you get the precise results you want.

Why You Need an Adaptive Website

We are currently in the midst of one the biggest software and hardware revolutions we've ever witnessed. Here, Daniel Burrus one of the world's leading technology forecasters and business strategists says it's time to address the mobile revolution

Facebook Advertising: Should you bother?

Here you go, on the day Facebook goes public, in one of the biggest stock market IPOs in history, we're asking should brands bother with Facebook advertising if 44% of people say they would never click on a sponsored ad? A global survey undertaken by the independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight, reveals 30% of people 'strongly distrust' Facebook with their personal data whilst 44% say they would never click on Facebook sponsored ads, all of which indicates Facebook's advertising programme has an upward struggle. It's going to get interesting!

Evolving Artist(ry): One Man, One Tool

See some spectacular illustration here, as animator and illustrator Chris Riley continues to hone his craft and meet artistic challenges head-on, armed with the latest tools in NewTek LightWave 3D.

Publishing Update : Revenue, trends, tweaks and peeks

eBooks are making more and more news, inroads into society, but printed books still rule! There's a whole pile of excellent learning and resources in this month's Publishing Updates .... :
* Americans reading more e-books on computers than e-readers, phones
* Newspapers: It's not a revenue problem, it's a culture problem
* Don't build a paywall, create a velvet rope instead
* At last, they see: E-books 'democratize' publishing
* Limitless power of ultraviolet special effect inks
* Newspapers erect pay walls in hunt for new revenue
* Publishers and editors not always on same page
* The Collapse of Print Advertising in 1 Graph
* Industry, digital metamorphosis at midpoint
* Readers respond to newspapers digital ads
* Printers bridging the gap to cross-media
* Six Easy Tweaks for a Sleek, New Design
* Publishers take on the pressing issue
* A whole new world for book publishing
* E-books: The giant disruption
and more Publishing Update : Revenue, trends, tweaks and peeks

Web Design updates

As the web changes, so do the demands on the web designer. We continue continue to share essential information for all web designers and this month was a bumper crop...
* Untangling Your Mobile Metrics With Better Redirects
* Google warns about 'artificial' or 'unnatural' links
* 10 More Content Ideas To Improve Organic Visibility
* The best way to optimize your mobile site for SEO
* Black hat SEO tactic to avoid: Duplicate content
* Got interest in Pinterest? How to pin like a pro
* SEO & Personalization: An Evolving Relationship
* 9 ways to add LinkedIn to your company website
* 10 Content Ideas To Improve Organic Visibility
* Get the most out of SEO extension and add-ons
* Use visitor intelligence in SEO and marketing
* How to optimize tablets vs. smartphones
* 6 tips for effective Web copywriting
* Internal linking, the other linking
* Signs of linking over-optimization
* 40+ SEO tools of the trade
.. and more DTG Web Design updates

The Creative

Keeping up with the creative flow of things can be quite a task, but if you stick with us, it'll be a breeze. Remember, we invite and welcome your input for the DTG Creative Updates. Here's the latest edition
* Adobe launches Creative Suite 6 with advanced 3D tools, new Creative Cloud
* The Object Poster, the Visual Pun, and 3 Other Ideas That Changed Design
* Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography & Graphic Design Influence Behavior
* Fan Fiction Meets Graphic Design in the Groovy Online Subculture
* For A Museum In A Bus, A Logo That Likes To Travel
* Terrorism Gets Creative With Graphic Design
* 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design #92
* How to Get Started With Infographics The Creative

Art Nouveau Revisited

Last month, being Mother's month we talked a lot about color. We also linked out to Art Nouveau resources from the most 'decorated' period in history. In honor of that, the folks at the Publishers' Warehouse stocked the loading dock with more than 100 beautifully reproduced samples of Art Nouveau that you can share. Also, you'll find a Selection of the BEST Art Nouveau Posters and a whole collection of modern day, Mucha knock-offs that are pretty good! You know where the loading dock is, and here's the article 100 beautifully reproduced samples of Art Nouveau

Stop Facebook from using YOUR pictures

Rumors are floating around that a new Facebook policy allows advertisers to use members’ pictures without permission — or that Facebook has just agreed to let a third party advertisers use all your posted pictures without your permission. This is basically not true. But Facebook does have a clause in its policy that if they start sharing your photos for ads, then it’s based on your settings. So, this Infographic walks you through the settings you’ll need to block that process. Stop Facebook from using YOUR pictures

Cookies: Will New Regulations Leave a Bitter Taste?

Cookies The new EU e-Privacy Directive, better known as "the cookie law" - took effect on May 26th. Even if you’re outside of the EU, it's likely the new regulations will affect you if you have a website, so IDG is exploring the subject in more detail in this week’s Global Roundup newsletter. Read our insight in IDG’s latest blog, discover what you need to do to comply, and learn more about the use of cookies and tracking on mobile devices Cookies: Will New Regulations Leave a Bitter Taste?

Design Graduates Speak Up...

We're inviting Graduates to send in your best work for consideration in the Design Center Gallery!
* Student, Senior Design School work
* What you hope to achieve as you enter the field...
* What to look for in an upcoming design candidate
* Suggest successful tips and tricks for landing that job
* Story, antidote or reflection on getting the ultimate Design Job . . . then just send'em in here . . .

Getting Ready for July "Photographic Design"

Here's a big thanks to everyone for participating -- sending in "Out of Bounds" images, sending in Art Nouveau art and more! Hey, when you see the creative input we get, everyone will get the benefits!

June is brought to you by the colors RED and WHITE, for the June flower which is
RED and WHITE roses.
June is brought to you by the letter "J"

June and July are all about Photography ... taking photos, digital cameras, photography, and travel. They all seem to go together, and you are invited to share your best tips, tricks, and portfolio samples with DTG readers. So, here are some tips you might find useful

Then, you can tell your portfolio story with photos

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Thanks for reading... go forth and be creative

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher

Parting words: on the subject of Leisure...
    "All intellectual improvement arises from leisure"
        Samuel Johnson

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