Stylin' with Nicole Alesi

by Fred Showker

Nicole Alesi

Nicole Alesi illustrations Nicole Alesi creates care-free illustrations inspired by pop trends in music, movies and fashion. We discovered Nicole last month in the Black History edition, and had to bring her back for our Designing Women feature ...

Nicole Alesi creates care-free illustrations

Nicole is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and the American Musical Dramatic Academy -- thus the talent in flashy, stylistic and rhythmic drawings. Some of her clients are Women’s Weekly, Bryn Mawr College, Dow, The Taft School, Rutgers University, FusionAge, Pingg, The Toy Workshop, Delta Computer Group, Avivate Inc.

Nicole Alesi line of greeting cards, gifts and stationary items

If you visit her blog or products site, you'll see she's got a lot more going than just a freelance illustration and design career! She has her own line of sparkling stationary and gift items at her site. (See enlargement)

zodiac kitchen magnets by Nicole Alesi

Stuff By Nicole AlesiStuff By Nicole Alesi features gift and greeting cards in her own unique style from Birthdays to Black History -- with thematic topics from Careers to Community, including holidays; Easter, St. Patrick's and so forth. They're all statements in fashion, with a decidedly female slant. We liked her zodiac kitchen magnets so well we're ordering a set for gifts!

Visit any of her sites, and you can say Fred sent you!

Stuff by Nicole Alesi Website:
Stuff by Nicole Alesi Blog:
Stuff by Nicole Alesi Facebook:
Stuff by Nicole Alesi Nicole's online store: Stuff by Nicole Alesi

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