Google: Washington to London

by Fred Showker

Now I'm convinced that Google actually does provide the 'shortest' distance between two points.

Recently, while looking for flights to London, Lisbon and Amsterdam, I happened to have my Google Maps open. I was actually looking for cruise departure ports on the Mediterranean. It occurred to me that Google might shed some light on the best flights between Washington D.C. and London. So I sought directions...

Google Washington to London

As you can see, from this thumbnail, Google did in fact draw a line. However, reading the directions brought a smile.

swim across the atlantic

First, it drives us to a spot called "Long Warf" in Boston, Mass -- and then calmly tells us to "Swim across the Atlantic Ocean." (Click for a full screen capture)

To my surprise, Google also provides swimming instructions once we "enter" the English Channel.

Go figure

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor, Graphic Design & Publishing

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On August 3rd, Ella said:

It's wnoredful to have you on our side, haha!

On November 10th, Szymon said:

I don't understand what it is corienncng this blog that I love such a lot, but you only appear to get me excited. I don't understand if its the content or simply the manner you wrote it. However you really seem to grasp that your readers may love you. You're extremely just too far out there on behalf of me.

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