U&lc is back!

by Fred Showker


Well, almost ... back issues are now available

Some of you may remember my review of the book "U&Lc: Influencing Design & Typography" by John Berry, back in 2005. At that time I said "this is the next best thing to holding those issues in your hands!" That book is wonderful, but, as of today, there are only 16 copies left on Amazon. (And I'll bet they'll be gone after this article makes the DTG newsletter!)
Now Fonts.com and Allan Haley look like they are going to profiteer on those works. Allan writes in his blog at Fonts.com :

Quoting  begins In 1974, ITC began publishing U&lc, The International Journal of Typographics. Herb Lubalin was the editorial and art director of the first issue and his seminal design set the stage for future issues of trend setting and award winning editorial creations. A few years after that, I had the great fortune of being hired by ITC to work with Ed Benguiat. A couple of years later, after the passing of Herb Lubalin, I became involved in the production and (eventually) creative direction of this renowned typographic journal.
      Every month, we will make one volume (a year's worth of publications) available through the Fonts.com blog. There are, however, a couple of caveats. First, the files are big – as in 'way big.' The low-resolution files can be as big as 18 MB and the high-resolution files are downright huge at over 85 MB in some cases. Second, they are not perfect. The original documents were sometimes faded, cracked or torn. Quoting  ends

Issue ONE has a fully story on Herb Lubalin, along with oodles of lucious pictures. There are high-rez and low-rez versions -- but you can actually read the low-rez version. Volume 1–1 PDF is 5.1 megabytes. Those of you who do not have the collection, and who miss getting the book, should check these out. Lots of great editorials and fabulous images -- from the guys who designed graphic design.

If you happened to be one of those who had the opportunity to actually subscribe to this wonderful publication, I would really like to hear your views and see your favorites. Please drop me a line, and let's talk.

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Fred Showker

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