DTG News for May, 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #05 ~ May, 2011

  1. Welcome to May, Color, and the fresh new 2011 spring ...
  3. Color me happy: emotions behind your design
  4. Photoshopping in the Rain
  5. Photoshop (actions) Madness
  6. * * * The Designer's Bookshelf * * *
  7. Learn color from the experts
  8. APPS: Do you have an iPad?
  9. This month: COLOR Apps for Graphic Designers
  10. APPS: Graphic (iPad apps) Design
  11. Color in Design' Award
  12. 4 Ways to Make Social Technologies Relevant to Your Business
  13. Creative Tidbits: Art is where you find it
  14. Business Apps: productivity for iPad / iPhone
  15. Marketing Updates : Print, Online, Media Marking tips
  16. * * * &Else : News, Views & Reviews * * *
  17. MAY : Mother's Day & Graduation
  18. ---------- Networking with DTG and Readers ------------

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Welcome to May, Color, and the fresh new 2011 spring ...

Along with the completion of our "Designing Women" edition, we embark on the quest for spring colors!


this month thousands of bright, aggressive young designers, illustrators, photographers and others in the creative fields will be hitting the streets -- graduating from design schools or higher education.

We invite any / all Design Graduates to share your experiences, portfolios, and aspirations with DTG Readers! If you do, we'll be sending you a free graduation gift from DTG and the Design Bookshelf just to help kick off your new path into the world of visual communications. Congratulations!

Color me happy: emotions behind your design

All colors, shades and combinations evoke different emotions, so it's important to make sure you're creating the intended message with your color selection... now, Andrea Alstad shares some insight into color -- along with free downloadable color inspiration and an Illustrator color wheel... Color me happy: emotions behind your design

Photoshopping in the Rain

Well, they say that April showers bring May flowers! Here's a short, quickie, that most of you will know by now -- but for beginners, or those who haven't tried animating in Photoshop, it will be a breeze.

Photoshop (actions) Madness

Yes 'Actions' madness! This month we actually had two editions of madness, and the more we search for great actions the more we find. These actions automate many of the techniques readers ask about. Try :
[] Gum Bichromate Prints from the 19th century
[] The return of Black & White
[] Page Curl Photoshop Action!
[] Photo retouch actions
[] Muting Monochromatic
[] Photo Coloring 11
[] Floating Lineart Photoshop (actions) Madness

* * * The Designer's Bookshelf * * *

Extraordinary Corel Painters
      Step inside the studios of some of today's top artists, illustrators, designers, and photographers working with digital art tools ... it's the Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips,Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities...

Photo editing experiments with Apps
* The title of this was originally "iPhone Obsessed", but I was afraid that would chase away many readers, who -- like me -- are just about sick of hearing about the iPhone. But hold on. Dan Marcolina will blow your doors off with some of the spectacular works being created using low cost, easily available, apps for the iPhone.

These and others in the Designers bookshelf www.Design-Bookshelf.com

Learn color from the experts

We continue our series of great book excerpts by the experts in
digital imagery. Enjoy our excerpts from experts:

[] Applying a Gradient to a Layer in Adobe Photoshop CS5
[] Replacing Colors in an Image in Adobe Photoshop CS5
[] Understanding HDR Toning in Adobe Photoshop CS5
[] Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Color Settings
[] CS5 How-Tos: Working with Illustrator ... and more from the experts

APPS: Do you have an iPad?

Speaking of Apps, for me, Flipboard is one of the main reasons I own an iPad! If you have not already discovered Flipboard, you need to install it on your iPad, NOW -- it's FREE! Then go to the DTG FaceBook group and add that to the "Contents" of Flipboard. You'll be amazed. DTG never looked so good as it does on Flipboard ... and you'll be amazed at how good Facebook and all your favorite web sites look. Flipboard turns most any electronic content into a classy, well-designed magazine! Do not delay ...
* video : http://youtu.be/v2vpvEDS00o
* Download and install Flipboard : http://bit.ly/m5LTUr
... then meet up with us on Facebook... APPS: Do you have an iPad?

This month: COLOR Apps for Graphic Designers

A million palettes in your pocket is a big promise. But these apps
can do that and quite a bit more. And, they're so cheap, you can
check out several.
How handy is it to have a color specifier to refer to while working
-- without leaving the screen you're on?
[] My (Your) Color Season
[] Grab the color you want
[] Palettes Pro Universal
[] Color Mood Designer
[] myPANTONE? X-Ref ... and more

APPS: Graphic (iPad apps) Design

My favorite mobile apps for iPhone, iPad Following our previous series of mobile color apps, now we'll add in some unusual, vertical application apps just for spice. Some have very narrow, specific uses, like for NCS color, or theatrical gels. But isn't it nice to know you can do that?

Color in Design' Award

David Grey, faculty chair of the Graphic Design Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, received a Color in Design Award for his redesign of the university's entrance banners. Color in Design' Award

4 Ways to Make Social Technologies Relevant to Your Business

Social media/networking and the collection of tools they have spawned have moved solidly into the strategy toolbox for organizations. If you want to be the Zen master of social tools, you'll need some help. Scott Klososky, of the Velocity Manifesto fame, shares some tips ... read the full story

Creative Tidbits: Art is where you find it

This month we also wrapped up our March/April 16th Annual Designing Women edition with Cathleen Schaad as the comeback kid; Japanese Women Designers and studio visits with Lisa Congdon and Kathy Erteman!

Then there there are three pages of Creative Tidbits with a cool mix of interesting items for the creative spirit. My favorite is "So you think you can design a logo?" plus others ...
[] LOGOS and JC Penny - Student designs new JC Penney logo
[] Tattoo Master, Off the Street, Into the Gallery
[] Graphic Design in Italy's Renaissance Capital
[] 2011 Trendology: U.S. Graphic Design Services
[] Designers are rebelling against technology
[] Seeing Things: Handmade for Japan
[] The Wonder of Wim Gallery opening...
[] We Three Things > Follow the Grid
[] Wallpaper Drawn With Dripping Ink
[] Diana draws in ceramics
and more ... Creative Tidbits: Art is where you find it

Business Apps: productivity for iPad / iPhone

As mobile devices become more and more accepted in the business world the iPad is leading the way! So we're taking a look at just a few of what could be important apps for your business:
[] AccountEdge Gains Local Focus world wide
[] Finance and Investment Banking App
[] Financial Calculator for iPhone
[] Calculator Meets Spreadsheet Realize Your Business Ideas...

Marketing Updates : Print, Online, Media Marking tips

Three marketing updates brought some important articles for graphic designers
and those in marketing and advertising that you may have missed.
One highlight is "Old Dinosaur" Internet Marketing Methods that Still Work
And, do NOT miss "QR CODES" ... among others . . .

[] Mobile Marketing: No Longer a Tradeoff Between Reach and Targeting
[] Evidence print advertising can excel as a direct marketing vehicle
[] From SEO To Social Media, Getting All Channels To Drive Traffic
[] Facebook Marketing: Six Reasons to Approach With Caution
[] 3 YouTube Advertising Options for Small Businesses
[] What iPad's Slick New Features Mean for Marketers
[] Marketers Up Spending on Digital, Social in 2011
[] Display, Mobile Top Priorities for Marketers
[] What Makes a Link Target a Bullseye?
[] Mail Has Power to Move Minds
[] QR Codes
... and more ... follow my "Marketing Updates"

* * * &Else : News, Views & Reviews * * *

Among thousands of others these are HOT for May:
[] Zevrix Automated File Delivery: processes files automatically from watched folders
[] On-the-Fly iPhoto Photo Albums: Sort Shots, the iPad Edition with Aperture.
[] Screentime for Flash 4: performance support for Flash Player Mac and PC.
[] iMedia Browser 2: free media browser. . . in the NEWS department

MAY : Mother's Day & Graduation

Here's our 21st annual salute to all those graduating from higher education this month. Graduates, don't forget to sign in, share your visions, and let us send you a nice graduation present from DTG and the Design Bookshelf! If you're not a graduate, perhaps you know someone who is -- and you could pass this along, tweet it on Twitter, or post to your Facebook page!

And don't forget Mother's day -- next week, on May 8th. Do something great for your Mom. If you don't have a Mom, then do something great for someone else's Mom! Mother's Day

Oh, one more item: We'd like to see YOU participate in any of these themes. Show us your portfolio. Share your problems and solutions. Help others with your knowledge and experience. Get started today!

* May is brought to you by the color "Purple"
* May is brought to you by the Letter "M"

UPCOMING JUNE: Summer Books Many design and publishing practitioners will be taking a little time off this summer -- and it's always great to catch up on some reading. Can you suggest a graphics or design book to read? If you can, share your review with DTG readers and win a new book for your summer reading! (Tell us about your favorite design book!)

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info. --

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine


    "The secret of all effective originality...
      is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures
        but one of putting familiar words and pictures
          into new relationships"
              - Advertising genius, Leo Burnett --------------------------------------------------------------------------

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