Creative Tidbits #169: Proper punctuation, testing fonts in ID, and Global Design Trends

by Fred Showker

David Blatner comes to Creative tidbits - a column in DTG Magazine If you are a designer or visual communicator in business, then you need to keep up. In this issue we hope to help with creative 2013 a brilliant infographic which illustrates Shutterstock’s 2014 Global Design Trends, creative 2013 our friend David Blatner's quick and easy way to test font choices quickly in InDesign CC, and creative 2013 some musings on the proper punctuation marks from Kathryn Schulz
It's all fun, and you're invited to join us!

Infographic: Shutterstock’s 2014 Global Design Trends

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Flat and minimalism dominated the design trends last year. From logos and websites to architecture and UI, the flat style is everywhere. Will the design trend this 2014 be on the same track?
      Shutterstock, the popular online resource of commercial digital imagery, has released their annual global design trends infographic. Based on the data from over 350 million all-time image downloads, the infographic revealed the recent and emerging visual design trends across the globe.
Cool graphic design inspiration Here is the actual : Shutterstock’s 2014 Global Design Trends infographic
2014 ... related image Here is You The Designer site

Test Font Choices Quickly in InDesign CC

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If you hover your cursor over a font in the list, that font becomes highlighted, right? But here’s the cool part: If you press either Command or Option (that’s Ctrl or Alt in Windows-speak) InDesign actually applies that font to any text you have selected on your page!
      You don’t have to click the font, just press the shortcut
Cool graphic design inspiration This comes to us from our good friend: David Blatner --

Schulz: The 5 Best Punctuation Marks in Literature

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The muse gets all the press, but here’s a fact: Good writing involves obsessing over punctuation marks.
      It's 1 a.m., you’ve got a 5,000-word piece due the next day, and for the last twenty minutes you’ve been deliberating about the use of a semicolon versus a period in a single sentence. (But should it be two sentences? Twenty-five minutes, thirty minutes … )
Cool graphic design inspiration Full story : Kathryn Schulz wrote this for
2014 ... related image Punctuation overkill as Google sees Punctuation Marks

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