Creative tidbits 1012-08

by Fred Showker

Creative updateI've been too busy for another update for a while -- but here are some interesting links I had accumulated over the past few weeks :
* 5 Design Trends That Small Businesses Can Use in 2011
* From metal to digital: Understanding the underlying differences
* Readability, Affability, Authority
* Calligraffiti: An Explosive New Art Form
* Hand Drawn Type
* Jacqui Oakley

5 Design Trends That Small Businesses Can Use in 2011

In the past 12 months, we've seen a lot of changes in the world of web design. Growing popularity in the mobile device space - including smartphones and tablets like the iPad - have refined the way many users access and interact with content.
      Likewise, the formal adoption of web standards like HTML5, web fonts and CSS3 by browser makers means that more and more users are now able to take advantage of the latest and greatest features on the web.

From metal to digital: Understanding the underlying differences

Today's digital fonts are a tremendous boon not only to graphic designers but also to anyone who uses type. The abundance, diversity, and availability of fonts increase productivity and enhance creativity. There are more choices today than ever before in the history of type and design.
      But this newfound 'freedom' comes at a price, typographically speaking.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Ilene Strizver --

Readability, Affability, Authority

When their words are put into print, writers want the text to be inviting and welcoming, so that readers will read what they have written. And they also want the text to have an aura of credibility, so it will be taken seriously and maybe even accepted.
      This is part 2 of a 2-part article ... (Part One)

Calligraffiti: An Explosive New Art Form

By mixing beautiful and traditional calligraphy with the rawness and grittiness of graffiti, Niels Meulman gives a whole new way of appreciating both art forms.
      Meulman, also known as Shoe, is an artist, designer and art director who was born in Amsterdam and who's worked at international ad agencies like BBDO and television networks like MTV (where he was their creative director for a short period of time).

Hand Drawn Type

exquisite hand lettered typography from Cory Say design, type will dazzle you. Although it looks "antique" it's not
      Cory is in Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography from Garland, TX
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Hand Drawn Type

Jacqui Oakley

Jacqui Oakley does some of the most outstanding Typography, Painting, Illustration we've seen in some time ... she's from Ontario, Canada
      Jacqui has been illustrating for over ten years, specializing in hand-lettering and portraiture. Her work is wonderful ... don't miss the Acapulco Type section of her portfolio

Don't forget ... we encourage you to share your discoveries in the creative world of art, typography, graphics, illustration, photography, sculpture, signs, signing, logos, business graphics and visual communications. Just discuss it in the Design Cafe, or pop out an email to DTG

thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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