Publishing & Media Update

by Fred Showker

We're following the trends in publishing both on paper and the web! This issue looks at * Newspapers? Dying? Social media? Rising? * Adobe may transform content management industry * Dismiss the rate hike? * Why metadata matters for the future of e-books * Apple as middle-man troubles magazine publishers * New York Times free help for publishers? ... and more

Newspapers? Dying? Social media? Rising?

That's the conventional wisdom, at least, and marketers seem to be buying into it.
      While spending on social media marketing is still relatively small, it's increasing rapidly. At the same time, anyone selling newspaper ads has probably given some thought to a new profession. But is the conventional wisdom wrong, either wholly or partially? Should marketers be less upbeat about social media marketing, and more upbeat about what newspapers can offer? At least one consultant thinks so.
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Adobe may transform content management industry

Adobe may be about to shake up the world of content management, a rapidly growing online industry. Reports suggest that the software giant, known for its Photoshop and Acrobat software, has purchased Day Software - a major content management provider based in Switzerland.
      Apoorv Durga, an expert in the field of content management, noted that Adobe has never been taken too seriously in the management of online content. As such, the $240 million deal to purchase Day Software has come somewhat as a surprise to the content industry.
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Dismiss the rate hike?

The Affordable Mail Alliance asked the Postal Regulatory Commission to dismiss the U.S. Postal Service's exigent rate hike proposal filed on July 6.
      AMA's motion argues that the rate hike--an average of 10 times the rate of inflation--violates the cost controls Congress put in place to protect consumers.
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Why metadata matters for the future of e-books

The world of digital publishing can be a lot more complicated than deciding whether to buy a Kindle, Nook, or iPad.
      The major news in digital publishing in these circles recently was when Andrew Wylie, a literary agent, finally made good on his threat to bypass publishers by inking a deal giving the exclusive e-book rights to his agency's backlist to Amazon, through his imprint called Odyssey Editions.
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Apple as middle-man troubles magazine publishers

Time Inc. likes to show off its iPad apps as a symbol of the company's future. But inside the publisher, the digital editions have become a source of hair-pulling frustration.
      That's because the magazine giant has been unable to get Apple to let it sell and manage subscriptions for its iPad apps - much to Time Inc.'s surprise.
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New York Times free help for publishers?

The New York Times is leading the newspaper industry into the future with a new digital publishing platform, Press Engine. The service, drawing on the NYT's experience creating its own apps for the iPhone and iPad, is scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of this year. It is available to other newspaper publishers for a fee.
      The new service will provide app templates that save articles, share content, have photo galleries, audio and video features, horizontal and vertical reading, simple search, and device-standard advertising units. It also allows for partial offline reading.
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