Photoshop Madness : Summertime COLOR

by Fred Showker

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Creating Color Mockups in Photoshop CS4

A colorful use for Photoshop

Linda Marcille of "Art on Silk" talks about making prototypes of fabric prints in Photoshop. Linda has lots of cool stuff at her site! She writes :
      I have been fooling around with color choices in Photoshop and for the most part I have been inporting a scanned color sketch and using the Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Chanel Mixer, and Selective Color tools but my friend Angel from Muse Silk Painting was doing some really cool things with color mock ups in Illustrator and she gave me the idea that there was a simpler way to change color in Photoshop.
click for video or screen capture See this example of pattern samples

Basic to Advanced Flesh Tone Color Theory and Illustration Techniques for Photoshop

A colorful use for Photoshop

Arne Niklas Jansson wrote this article about building colors in Photoshop and it's a pretty deep piece of work.
      You must consider many things while painting: Layers, Exposure/Lighting, Shadows, Highlights, Surfaces, Materials, Textures, Translucency, Reflections, Composition, and Color Temperatures
click for video or screen capture See the original promo screen

Freebie :: Color Palette Template

A colorful use for Photoshop

THe "Brandi Girl Blog" offers this free color palette template, referenced in a video she posted about transportable color palettes. Brandi writes :

Quoting  begins My name's Brandi, and I'm on a mission to share color inspiration. My life revolves around color and art, and BGB gives me a fantastic platform to share all of the color love I've got. Quoting  ends

GO Here's the VIDEO: Make a palette (you'll need to enlarge this)
GO Here's the freebie : color_palette_template.psd
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Brandi Girl Blog
click for video or screen capture See for screen capture or video

How to color correct skin in Photoshop


This Photoshop tutorial shows how to adjust the CMYK numbers to make color corrections to skin. This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter three of the Photoshop CS5: Portrait Retouching course presented by author Chris Orwig
click for video or screen capture See blow-up of promo screen

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