DTG News for September 2012

by Fred Showker

Welcome to the 18th Annual Fall Fonts Festival!

September and October we will discover new fonts, typography, lettering, calligraphy, typographics, logos and all manner of cool stuff ... grab your best and then share your creations with DTG readers and win a prize!Welcome to the 18th Annual Fall Fonts Festival!

18th Annual Fall Typography Surf

All year long, I've been saving up typography references for our annual fonts surf. There are now so many typography knock-off and replicator sites it is almost no longer worth the surf. With Pinterest, and any number of other specialized social networking sites with topics, you're almost sure to get an overload of visual stimulation very quickly. So, sit back and take a little time . . .
* Typographic Logo Design: Twins
* McDonald's McFlurry: Bob
* Chupa Chups: Lollypops
* Seriously good sauce
* Killed Productions
* Nosey Logo Design
* Pale Horse WOW
* What Is Design
* Cigar Search
* Modern Myth
... but wait: there's more coming all through the month of September, so stay tuned. . .18th Annual Fall Typography Surf

150 Inspiring Typography & Hand Lettering

Welcome to the 2012 Fonts Festival! Hard to believe we've been doing this for eighteen (18) years, but it's true. In this lead article, I'll acquaint you with some of the goodies on deck this year, and get one initial piece of business out of the way! http://ow.ly/dzSOv150 Inspiring Typography & Hand Lettering

Free Script Fonts

everyone needs a good script or two. You'll need something elegant, something fresh, something wild, something retro, and something grunge. While this is a good collection of scripts to start, we'll be uploading more and more during the festival. These are ready to download for free:
* Take me out to the ball game! Sedona Script
* PIA FRAUSS' Extraordinary Calligraphy Collection
* Learning Curve simplified monostroke script
* Scrips and more from Digital Graphic Labs
* Ballpark Weiner by Mickey Rossi
* CAC Champagne, 'Wedding Script'
* The King and Queen Font
* Quilline Thin
* Moody Boys
... and more! Free Script Fonts

2012 Typography Resources and Links

For the past 18 years we have added our most preferred listing of typography resources online. (Unfortunately 70% of them then go dead each year!) Please send in your favorites ... prizes will be awarded!
So here are just a few of our favorite typography resources http://ow.ly/dzSSW2012 Typography Resources and Links

GALLO FONTS over 200

Our friend Gerald Gallo has been busy, and has created fonts numbering over 200. In October we'll be bringing you all the new stuff from Gallo! Hey, we would like to thank Gallo for being one of our long time supporters. Stop in and say hello -- without supporters, we would not be able to continue bringing you high quality content in low-noise delivery. Thanks Gerald! GALLO FONTS over 200

Photoshop (Fonts) Madness

PHOTOSHOP MADNESS is where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop! We transition from "Back to (Design) School" Madness to Fonts & Typography madness getting ready for September's 18th Annual Fonts Festival . . .
* 3D Photoshop Typography and samples
* An Untitled work by No10x
* TM Abstract by Tamilia
* 3D dr3amX by dr3amx
* Library Refreshed
and more at http://ow.ly/dzSKwPhotoshop (Fonts) Madness

Photoshop (touch-n-run) Madness

PHOTOSHOP MADNESS is where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop! More good tutorials we've gathered in an attempt to help you actually learn something . . .
* Retouch a Model Portrait with Flawless Natural Skin
* Burning Wishes - Abstract Tutorial
* Forming a Realistic Wooden Beast
* Fantastic Make-up Make-over ... and more at http://ow.ly/dzSEpPhotoshop (touch-n-run) Madness

Infographics 101: Using Pictures to Communicate

Infographics 101: Using Pictures to Communicate and Connect With Your Audiences -- explains what infographics are, how they are put together, and how you can use them in your business.Infographics 101: Using Pictures to Communicate

What makes a great logo?

Seriously folks, Logo shops out there are a dime a dozen, and getting more and more of the work. Thanks to our friends at LogoBee, you can still higher a real designer at a logo site. Their designers can also do stationery and other tasks related to identity. What makes them a little extra special? They support YOU! That's right, LogoBee has been a supporter of the Design Center now for over five years! Give'em a visit and tell'em Fred sent you : What makes a great logo?

CREATIVE Tidbits : Deciphering Ideas

Creative expression is everywhere ... we roll into this year's Typography fest with lots of great ideas. Follow along with this edition of Creative Tidbits:
* Attend or organize an in-person Portfolio Review with the Behance community.
* Deciphering the Pharmacist's Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets
* Edwin Tofslie's Apple Evolution Poster 2011
* Hop on the Designbuss with Erik Olovsson
* Wine and graphic design a perfect pairing
* Funding available for design, printing
* Behance Portfolio Reviews' photostream
* How is your IDEA PERCEPTION?
... and more !CREATIVE Tidbits : Deciphering Ideas

Pasting and placing MS Word text into Adobe applications

MS Word is probably most popular text editor in the World. You can take advantage of its predefined styles, charts, clip arts and place them in Adobe applications. This tutorial gives you some examples on how to do that and explains why.Pasting and placing MS Word text into Adobe applications

Print Advertising delivers Best ROI

For some years we've preached that online advertising is a hoax. The web turned advertising upside down -- traditional advertising has been beneficial to both the advertiser and the publisher. Not so with web advertising. Now, Shweiki Media has compiled facts and statistics from multiple studies and reports explaining why traditional print advertising WORKS.Print Advertising delivers Best ROI

60-Seconds: What if the Internet went away?

With the spector of a U.N. take over of the Internet in December, (Details) I decided to ask one of the creative professional groups on LinkedIN what they think about the situation. Sheesh. And I thought Facebook had all the ninnies!60-Seconds: What if the Internet went away?

&Else : SVG Import is Here

Artboard is a powerful vector drawing software for Mac OS X Lion. Today's latest update provides support for the most requested feature from users - the import of SVG vector graphics. (Made in USA)&Else : SVG Import is Here

3D Miniature Volkswagen Test Drive Cars

This is some of the most exciting technology we've seen! 3D printing solutions seem to be showing up all over the place ... like this 3D system that delivers a perfectly carved Volkswagen test drives -- miniature cars in full color! New markets? New careers? You betcha!3D Miniature Volkswagen Test Drive Cars

Have a great September and keep on Fonting

We are still waiting for your input and contribution to this year's fonts fest. Remember too, that many of the fonts we talk about will be available for immediate download in the Publishers' Warehouse. So you'll need the directions to that.

September is brought to you by "the color Russet" ... moving us toward Autumn
the Letter S September is brought to you by the Letter S, and this month's FONTS

Have a great September and keep on Fonting

Thanks for reading... go forth and be creative

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher

Parting words: on the subject of communication
      "PGood communication is as stimulating as black coffee,
        and just as hard to sleep after."
          Ann Morrow Lindbergh

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